“The Business of Living”

Life begins at birth, followed by infancy, a period of childhood, adolescence, and then off into adulthood.  We spend our youth exploring the world, having fun, and feeling invincible, and before you know it …. You’re 35 years old!  Where did the time go?  The fleeting time certainly gives you pause. You are now looking back at your life to see what you have accomplished.  For some, the accomplishments are overflowing; for others, few and far between.

The ebbs and flows of life continue without letup. You get sick or your parents are diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Where do you start?  Money and finances. You don’t have enough to cover the cost of taking care of yourself or your parents.  What do you do? Who do you turn to for guidance and support?

cBelfor Solutions!

cBelfor Solutions continues to be at the corner of logic and creativity with assisting clients in the business of life and living.  The “business of living” from this prospective is through organizing one’s life (or your parents, children, etc.) on paper (living documents). That is, creating a WILL; assigning a Power of Attorney, an Executor of your Estate, and creating a TRUST.  This all-important responsibility is not restricted to the rich and powerful.  You don’t need to have thousands of dollars to have your living documents in order.  You can and should start now, while you are of sound mind and body. Ask yourself, should you become disabled, and unable to

handle your business affairs, who do you trust or can depend on to manage your business in the way you designed and how you see fit?

cBelfor Solutions works with your appointed person with handling your ‘business of living’ and ensuring your wishes are executed and carried out as you have outlined.

Recently, several friends of mine have experienced the loss of their parents to Alzheimer’s (ALZ) and, sadly, subsequent death. As I watched them uproot and stretch their lives balancing work, raising children, managing their household and their parents, they became transformed into this super human being, but at a cost.  A cost that resulted in their bodies staying in “fight” mode without relaxing, inhibiting the slowdown of high energy functions, and inviting sickness and disease to enter the body.  That’s another story, visit mindindulgence.com.

Then, there was an associate’s five-year-old nephew. Both of his young parents died within one year of each other.  Can you imagine a five-year-old not knowing who would take care of him because his parents did not have a WILL in place?

cBelfor Solutions offered our services and was able to aid with handling the administrative duties or “business of living” of the friend’s parents. Unfortunately, this young boy is now orphaned and on the cusp of being lost in the child welfare system.  The parents made a choice. Unfortunately, not having a WILL was a choice.  These are matters we don’t consider while living.  As we plan our weddings and vacations, we need to also take time to plan the last phase of our lives, now.

“Only by keeping the end in mind can a person truly learn how to live in the here and now” – David Gibson

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